I would like to add my opinion and experience to the comments women have made about marrying older men. I am 27 years older than my wife. We are very happy together. My stepson made the comment, "Peter acts like a young boy. . . I like this. " It is true that I feel like a young boy. I look at the world from my eyes and I feel I am 18 years old. I look in the mirror and I say, "who is this old man in my house?" My own comment about age is that the moment we slow down and become mature. . . we are within six months of death. My father died at age 91 and my mom at age 97. Both my grandfathers were dead at age 72! I think the problem for my grandfathers was that they came from the farm (a healthy life style) and became university professors. This meant that they had a sedentary life style and ate modern food. I am very active. My return trip to my farm required a total of 3 days of travel with very little sleep. I arrived home at 8 am and worked that day until about 10 pm with work on my farm. The next morning I was up at 6 am and I have been working in this manner for the last two weeks.

If anyone has a question or comment, I will be happy to respond. I will ask my wife to read what I have written here and she can give her feedback about our marriage.